Yo! here's the datas from the slach party and lucis magia demoscene work.
If you have something about the slach party or lucis magia (photos, video, goodies), please mail me here : m.bourgeoisat@fpu.fr

Now i'm retired from the scene, but i've take a lots of fun during this great period of my life.
I've got just on thing to explain also : When we start LuCis MaGia (means : magic of light in latin, because we we're specialised in 3d lightning and speed rendering), the things in parties and contest seams to became really too much serious.
So, we tried to realise enormous and funny wild/anim/demo only during the contests (in general they have all been created only during the parties) to suppress the sad atmosphere we fell after some demoshow.
technically we were not bad (we win 14 times in animations contest) but also, we have made a lots of people laughing and it was for us a real victory.
Also during the slach parties, we put a lots of this kind of funny things to create a real good ambiance, and i think it was also a good thing.
So i would like to thanks some friends who help us making the scene more funny :
Pure - Wipe (also dax even he's a little bit too serious now) - Mankind (also krabob, even he's became a psychopat)
Woodtower - Ukonx (deem : thanks to your "au revoir") - SFX - Zombie33 - Kiki prod - Knights - Zalem - Aprodisc - Scarface (Veckman : come take a beer !)
X-men - Razor 1911 - And a lots of more ... :)

Uploaded : ~ 16723 Mo of slacheriesss

Other Slach Things
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- Prods directory
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- Prods directory
- Prods CD Nero image
- Video by ukonx
- Prods directory
- Prods CD Nero image
- Photos
- Photos CD Nero image
- SlaCH 3 TV directory
- SlaCh-3-TV-Conneriessss
- Video by hellmut
- Prods directory
- Prods CD Nero image
- SlaCH 4 TV directory
- SlaCh-4-TV-Conneriessss
- S5 Prods directory
- S5 Prods cd iso
- S5 Photos
- Fake Web Site
- Prods directory

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